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December 18, 2012
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"Hey Jack."

The spirit smiled as he sat on his love's porch. It was midnight, and [Name] was watching the snow fall. Jack's smile widened a little at the memories of the two of them dancing in the snow like idiots, having snowball fights, making snow angels and when he had taught the female to ice skate. So many happy memories.

"Hey. . . Do you remember when I gave you that snowflake necklace a while ago?" Jack asked, eyes going to the small necklace around the girl's neck.

"Of course! It's my favourite gift!" [Name] replied, smiling softly. She closed her eyes, placing a hand on the necklace. "Also the day you told me you loved me. . ."


"Jaaaaack~" [Name] called, rolling around in the snow. "I'm so bored~!"

"I know, I know. Just wait a sec!" The male replied, flying around in the trees. Where was it?

"Why did you even bring me out here? It was so sudden. . ." [Name] murmured softly.

Landing smoothly, Jack walked over to his friend. His right hand was behind his back, a mischievous smile on his face.

"I have a present for you~" He said, seating himself on the ground next to the [h/c] girl. "Close your eyes!"

Closing her eyes with slight hesitation, [Name] waited. She heard soft shuffling, and the crunch of snow. Feeling the presence of Jack come closer, the [h/c] beauty stiffened a little. She didn't expect for him to get so close, not that she minded.

After some fumbling and annoyed murmurs, Jack smiled brightly. He had finally gotten the necklace on. Who would have thought that such a small item could be so difficult? Jack pondered this a little until he remembered what else he had to do.

"Okay. . . You can open your eyes now, [Nickname]." The spirit said, softly as he brushed a strand of [h/c] locks out of his crush's face.

Nodding a little, the young female opened her bright [e/c] orbs. Looking down at the necklace, she gasped softly. It was beautiful.

It was simple with it's silver chain and one charm, but it was elegant. The charm was a snowflake. It was somewhat bigger then the average sized snowflake, and that just added to how unique it was. It sparkled without having any diamonds, like it was actually glowing. [Name] loved it more than anything. She didn't have to think about it. She just knew.

"Jack. . . I-It's so. . . . . Oh man, I can't  find words to explain it. . . ." [Name] said, still in awe. The sound of Jack's airy laugh made her heart flutter in a way she only felt when around the kind spirit. One question still rang in her head, though. "How did you get this? I mean, you're a spirit so if no one is able to see you. . ."

"I made it! It was hard to make and I think I might've messed up somewhere, but I'm glad you like it!" The white-haired boy answered, sheepishly. "And I don't care if nobody can see me. . . As long as you can, I'm happy." He murmured softly, cupping [Name]'s flushed cheek.

"J-Jack. . . I. . I. . ."

"I love you, [Name]. Will you be mine?" Jack's usually pale cheeks turned rosy when he asked the question.

"Oh Jack. . . I love you, too! And of course I'll be your's!" [Name] said, quickly wrapping her arms around Jack's neck. She hugged him tightly, showing no signs of letting go anytime soon. Not that Jack minded. He only wrapped his arms around his new girlfriend's waist and hugged her back just as tightly.

She was so happy.
He was so happy.

Nothing could ruin that one special moment.

The moonlit night, and the gentle snowfall.
It was perfect.

[-End Flashback-]

"I'm just glad you returned my feelings." Jack noted, wrapping his arm around [Name]'s waist.

"Why wouldn't I? A guy with a personality as fun as your's is hard to find! And with those looks?! Psh! It's like a fairytale prince!" [Name] ranted, laughing softly.

"Well if I'm a prince, you're my princess~" The blue-eyed beau said, nuzzling into his love's neck.

"Definitely!" [Name] agreed, continuing to laugh softly. "But instead of a horse, we have a llama! And instead of a castle, a snowfort!"

"Yeah! That'll be amazing!" Jack laughed happily, thoughts of such a crazy fairytale filling his mind.


"I love you, [Name] [Surname]."

"And I love you, Jack Frost."

[The End]
This was requested by :iconchibitalia9060: I'm sorry this took so long! I hope you like it! ^^
Feel free to tell me if Jack was OOC or anything like that! Firt time writing for the guy, and I'm just now getting into writing with him. Might make more with him~ XD

Happy Holidays!!!

Jack Frost and Rise Of The Guardians belongs to Dreamworks/Their Creator(s)
You belong to yourself. (Or Jack)
I only own the story.
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