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May 29, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
I hummed softly to myself as I got ready to go swimming with Edward. I wore a red bikini under a white sun dress, and plain flip-flops. Grabbing my bag I was out the door, calling a quick bye to Winry as I ran to the  agreed spot. I quickly ran until I was at the lake. The first thing I saw made me gasp, and my cheeks burn scarlet.

Edward. Soaking. Wet.

His hair was down instead of in a braid, and he was shirtless. The sun hit his body beautifully, making it shine.

"Hey! Britney!" I snapped out of my little dream to see Ed waving his arms like a crazy person trying to get my attention. Giggling I ran over to him.

"Hey Ed! Give me a sec, okay?" I called as I stripped myself of my white sun dress. I smirked as I saw Edward blush at my appearance. I dived in and resurfaced a moment later, taking a big breath of air, as Edward chuckled lightly a little ways away.

"Wanna race?" He asked me with a raised eyebrow. I smirked.

"You're on!" And we both began swimming to the other side of the lake. I was winning by only an inch, when Edward began swimming really fast. And I mean REALLY fast.

He stopped when he got to the edge and turned around stopping me from reaching the end.

"Wha-?!" I was stopped by Edward pressing his lips to mine and slipping his hands under my bikini top, his warm fingers squeezing softly making me moan out his name. He lightly bit my bottom lip, demanding entrance, I allowed it as our tongues began to wrestle.He soon pulled away, and undid my bikini top. My cheeks flushes deep red, as I could feel his harden member at my inner thigh. 

The top fell, exposing my chest. Edward smiled softly mumbling a quite 'perfect' under his breath. He then began to attack my left breast with kisses, massaging the left one. Sucking softly on the nipple, I let out a moan of appreciation. He did the same with the other making sure to give equal attention to both breasts. Pulling away he put his hair in a ponytail and smirked down at me, lust clear in his eyes.

"So you do wanna do it~!" He teased. I blushed and glared half-heartedly at him.

"Oh shut it and come on!" I said grabbing my bikini top and walking out of the lake. A blanket was out on the grass and I smirked. Edward stood next to me and tugged me towards the blanket, laying me down and climbing on top of me. He tugged at my bikini bottom then pulled them off fully. I gasped at the cold air that hit my opening.

Rubbing my opening teasingly, then pressing his thumb to my clit making me moan out his name.

"A-ah~! Ed~!" I called as I squirmed under him. He grabbed my hip with his other hand and held me still. He slipped a finger into my opening and began pumping it in and out slowly ,making me moan out and beg for him to go faster. He slipped in a second finger making me gasp. After a little I felt a tightening sensation in my stomach.

"Ed! I-I'm gonna c-cum!" I stuttered out between gasps.

"Good~" I could just feel the smirk on his face grow a little.

I yelled out in my release. My juices pouring onto Edward's fingers. He pulled them out and licked them clean, then bent down in-between my legs and licked me clean. I then sat up and demanded that Ed stand up.

"Why?" He asked as he stood.

"My turn to pleasure you~" I said with a playful wink, he blushes as I pulled his swim trunks down till they just fell to the ground. I gasped at his length.

I placed a kiss at the tip and heard Edward gasp and clutch my blonde hair tightly. I giggled and took as much of his length in as possible, and what I couldn't I worked with my hands.

"A-ah! B-B-Britney! Faster!" Edward moaned out. I complied with the request, and sucked faster, moving my hands across his base a little faster remembering to squeeze a little. Ed then clutched the back of my head and thrusted his hips forward a little, causing me to deep-throat him. I bobbed my head a little and my hands quickened their pace.

"Britney! I'm g-gonna c-c-cum!" I heard Edward gasp out as he clutched the back of my head. I pulled my head back a bit and began to suck him roughly, until he came in my mouth. He tasted interesting and I swallowed every last bit.

Pulling away from his groin I looked up at Ed to see his face red and a littles sweaty, lust glazing over his honey colored eyes. He grabbed My shoulders and layer me down on the soft blanket once more.

"I want you NOW Britney. . ." He breathed out positioning himself at my entrance.

"I want you too Ed. . ." I said breathlessly. Then let out a moan as I felt his tip rub against my opening. He pressed himself fully into me and my eyes widened, and tears threatened to spill.

"Don't worry the pain will go away" Ed said in my ear then pressed his lips to mine. Most likely to make me feel better. After a few seconds pain changed into pressure and I began moaning out Ed's name and telling him to go faster, he went faster and harder extracting louder moans from me. Ed then flipped us and I began to bounce on his member making me gasp in utter pleasure. My hands stayed on his chest as I found a rhythm and bucked my hips into his.

"Damn, Britney! You're so tight!" Edward said as he grabbed my hips and barred his face into my chest, making me yelp in surprise.

*3rd person POV*

Edward began to suck and lightly bite on Britney's nipples earning moans from the girl. She bucked her hips a few times and then the two screamed in their orgasms. Panting softly, Ed picked Britney off of him with ease and placed her down next to him. Pulling a blanket from a small basket that was of to the side he wrapped it around himself and his love, giving her a soft kiss to the forehead the two drifted off to sleep.

This is for JustCh-L-C

I suck at lemons. . . But hopefully someone out there likes it!

I'm so sorry JustCh-L-C I totally messed up your OC and made her bold and sexy instead of shy and innocent. . .


I do not own Edward Elric the creator of FMA owns him.

Britney Rockbell belongs to JustCh-L-C / Edward Elric (Ok she is his)

I just own the story.
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